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The Call Is Coming From Inside the House (and Senate)

Congress hasn’t been immune to violence among its members over the past 200 years. In her book The Field of Blood, which delves into lawmakers’ unruly behavior in the early republic, historian Joanne Freeman wrote that she had uncovered “more than seventy violent incidents between congressmen in the House and Senate chambers or on nearby…

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James Harden traded to the Nets in 4-team blockbuster offer

James Harden has been traded to the Brooklyn Nets, according to multiple reports. The 31-year-old superstar guard will join Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in a blockbuster that also sends Caris LeVert to the Indiana Pacers, Victor Oladipo to the Houston Rockets, Jarrett Allen to the Cavaliers, and a variety of draft picks changing hands.…

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The race to lead Boston is suddenly large open

BOSTON — Sometimes the guard changes slowly. Sometimes it changes overnight. That is what is happening in the city of Boston, which has been led by white men since its incorporation in 1822. With the nomination of Mayor Martin Walsh as President-elect Joe Biden’s labor secretary, the 2021 mayoral race is suddenly wide open, and…

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America’s weapon problem, explained

This weekend, it happened again: more mass shootings in America. This time, gunmen in an attack in Odessa and Midland, Texas, and another in Mobile, Alabama, shot dozens of people, with at least several reported dead. Already, the shootings have led to demands for action. “How many of @JohnCornyn @tedcruz constituents must die before they…

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Watch this robotic dog teach itself to ward off bothersome people

Emmet Smith about 9 hours ago From the moment Boston Dynamics cemented the ‘robot dog’ in our collective consciousness, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed watching them get pushed and kicked around. There is an undeniable sense of relief in acknowledging robotic clumsiness.  But things are changing as these robots get more and more adept at picking themselves…

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Nanoparticle drug-delivery system established to treat brain disorders

Use of the delivery system in mouse models results in unprecedented siRNA penetration across the intact blood brain barrier Technology could offer potential for a variety of human neurological disordersIn the past few decades, researchers have identified biological pathways leading to neurodegenerative diseases and developed promising molecular agents to target them. However, the translation of…

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